I wish Strokes fans weren’t so hostile. I heard the audience sang Happy Birthday to Jules at fyf today. He deserves nothing but kindness and love. Happy Birthday to “the most professional”, Julian Casablancas.

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Sometimes I can’t listen to Arabella because I can picture Alex dancing

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After all those bands blasting music last night I just want silence for the next three days

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Wishing my best friend a Happy 21st Birthday

Me: Happy Birthday!!!!


BFF: urgh… boys


**text all night about boys**

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I genuinely love Jonah Hill

Why? Or more importantly, how did this start?

I’ve unintentionally watched his entire filmography. I watched I Heart Huckabees, Click, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Walk Hard in theaters and Jonah would be there just for a small cameo. I remember seeing Knocked Up and Superbad and thinking maybe that’s what he’s like in real life, just another crude raunchy comedian that always had a dick joke ready to go. My exposure to Jonah Hill was incredibly gradual and I slowly began to realize how awesome he is. In 2009, Jonah was in Funny People along with other highly recognizable comedians. My favorite actor, Jason Schwartzman, also happened to be in that movie and I tried my best to find any promotional video that Jason was in. My favorite “promo” was an hour long radio podcast of Jason and Jonah on Jonesy’s Jukebox. They barely talked about the film. Instead they joked around, played songs they wanted to hear, talked about movies they’ve recently seen, promoted Crash, asked Jason about his root canal, and Jonah explained his disinterest of high fives. At one point they were discussing the possibility of Big Foot and Jonah admitted he was dating Big Foot and said he plans to propose and Jason, Jonah, and Steve Jones (host/ Sex Pistols guitarist) just kept going on the idea that Big Foot would now be Big Foot Hill. That podcast started my appreciation for Jonah because it was the first time I heard him be himself. He could’ve been a traditional comedy star. He turned down Transformers and The Hangover to be a part of an independent movie called Cyrus. He could have easily ended up being that same goofy comedy guy. When Howard Stern interviewed him about his range as an actor and how he went from a comedian to a serious actor, Jonah said he didn’t want to be stuck with one genre. He likes doing everything. Jonah kept getting offered roles in movie genres he would call “Booby School Six. Where everyone’s like ‘Hey I have a boner! Let’s go to high school and boner! Boner! Titties!” and he didn’t want to play the same character where the audience would eventually get sick of him and he wouldn’t grow as an actor. He doesn’t want to look back and not be allowed to do anything else if he was typecast into that role. I just really admire Jonah because he can go from a movie like Superbad to The Wolf of Wall Street and I’m so happy he’s been getting nominations and all this great stuff has been happening to him. You can tell he’s a really nice guy (especially from the Roast of James Franco.. he had some great jokes but Jonah’s still too nice of a guy). Even in This Is The End where he played a douchey version of himself he was still an excessively caring person. I don’t know if I can express how much I like Jonah because it’s not this obsessive crazy fan girl kind of thing I have for him. Jonah’s just a really awesome guy and I genuinely love the dude.

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Favorite Irish band turned Sim family

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"Sammy Stegosaurus

may seem like she ignores it

but one of these days

she’s gonna take away your dino-sword

Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Triceratops

consider this my very last plea

Don’t associate

Yourself with floozy dates
And if you can’t repudiate
your hunger, why not master…

…the art of self control”

-Paul Otteson

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